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Tangent Partners was formed in May, 2007 to provide innovative, performance-based, highly focused delivery in executive search and board advisory consulting for the life sciences industries.

Our sole focus is to provide timely and responsive delivery of qualified, interested, and professionally evaluated candidates to your consideration. Our fee structure reflects our performance driven policy.

Our unique approach provides effective, on-target presentation and follow-up with the best professionals in your field, and each candidate will be capable of thriving in your culture. We are driven by our passion and your expectations.

To that end :
  • We will not accept any assignment to which we cannot commit full, undivided attention.
  • Your business goals are our business goals. You will interview only the best candidates because we thoroughly qualify those candidates prior to presentation.
  • You save time and money, and we are fully invested in the performance related process that is required by any assignment we undertake.
  • We will maintain complete confidentiality on all assignments. No one outside of our project team will be given any details of the assignment.
  • We will meet with you and your key staff to solidify a foundation of understanding the culture of your organization, and the specific technologies of your products. We can, and will, quickly and accurately achieve the attention and response of interested candidates.

We are committed to completing your assignment. Our partnership with you on any assignment is based on our ability to identify, qualify, develop, hire and retain superior talent.