Board Assembly and Consulting

For many small or mid-sized companies, how to attract directors, and structure and govern their boards, presents a difficult challenge. Companies with established boards may face complacent, non-participative “celebrity” directors that avoid the complex issues facing today’s companies. Other firms, recognizing the true need for a proactive board, are at a loss to attract properly credentialed directors in these difficult times.

The best boards are carefully assembled, designed to apply skills and balance their director’s experience, capabilities and personalities. These boards are composed of individuals that enrich the company with perspective, courage and wisdom. A well chosen and active director works expertly and impartially, committed to rigorous examination and improvement of the business model and company operations.

Since our inception, Tangent Partners has served as reliable counsel to pharmaceutical and biotechnology senior executives, and governance committees. Our goal is to position your board as a team of trusted leaders that encourage the long-term objectives and success of the company it serves. Our consultants, chosen for each project based on specific expertise, operate as effective evaluators, problem solvers and information repositories. Our active participation in NACD from our headquarters in New Jersey gives us a unique reach to the core of the life sciences industries, and frequent and remarkable communication with a large number of directors, and potential directors, with first-hand board experience.

Our team is committed to understanding current legislative trends, expert advice and governance codes. We consult with a diverse group of clients and key opinion leaders through NACD, and have achieved certification from NACD in Directive Effectiveness.

This basis encourages us to be alert to issues in:

  • Best Practices
  • Compensation
  • Board Assembly and Composition
  • Board Evaluation and Transition
  • CEO Evaluation
  • Succession Planning

Now more than ever, boards are required to be autonomous, courageous and valuable teams, and are regularly examined for their demonstrated integrity. Tangent Partners helps our clients to strengthen their boards, improve governance and navigate a course to operational success.

Talk to us about attracting, evaluating and selecting your board members.